Veggie Box Program

Here's How It Works:

Sign Up

Joining our veggie box program is easy.  Simply choose a share size (there are three) and create an account. And you are a member!  Now you'll have an weekly allowance of points to 'spend' each week, starting in May 2019.  There are only 50 full shares available this spring, so snag yours before they're gone!

Watch your share grow!

Watch as we plant, care for, and harvest your vegetables through our weekly email blasts!  We'll keep you updated every step of the way. First email blast will be March 6, 2019.


When the second week of May rolls around, it's time to 'spend' those points and get some fresh and delicious vegetables.  For 6 weeks until mid-June, log in to your account and use your allowance of points to fill your 'cart' with vegetables.  We'll have them delivered to your door in the Kitchener, Waterloo, and Stratford areas, and parts of Cambridge. Our spring veggie box program is 6 weeks long.

We will be delivering to Stratford, Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge.  If you live somewhere in between, contact us for availability.

Let's hear it from our members!

What's So Special

Farm Connection

All the produce available to our members is either grown by us on our farm or from another local farmer.  You can even see first hand how we grow our produce through our weekly email updates!  Show them to your children so that they can know that their food does not just come from the grocery store.


Delivery right to your door (in our delivery areas) is included in all of our box program prices.  Save time grocery shopping!  Our program is also very flexible- if you go away for a week, simply let us know and we'll have extra veggies for you another week.



We don't just throw whatever we happen to have into boxes and give it to you.  Each share size has a weekly allowance of points for you to 'spend'. We designed a fast and easy online ordering system so that you can choose only the vegetables you want each week.  Just log into your account, add your veggies to the 'cart', and they'll be delivered to your door.