Local Farm Makes Eating Healthy Easier With Veggie Box Program

New Hamburg, Ontario- January 11, 2021- Green Hart Farms makes eating healthy easier by delivering fresh, locally grown vegetables right to customers’ doors via their Veggie Box Program. And it is proving to be so popular that they will be opening up 150 more spaces for this spring.

Veggie Box program members pay a membership fee to receive a selection of freshly picked vegetables each week during the growing season. Customers can access a members-only Facebook group, as well as recipes, tips, and tricks to help them use all their veggies. Weekly farm updates and a monthly newsletter are also included in membership.

Most of the Veggie Boxes’ contents are grown on Green Hart Farm, which is located just outside of New Hamburg, Ont. A member of the Ecological Farmers’ Association of Ontario (EFAO), Green Hart Farms does not plant GMO seeds, and they prioritize the use of natural fertilizers such as compost as well as creating habitats for beneficial insects. 70 to 80 percent of the vegetables in their Veggie Boxes are grown on their farm, with the rest coming from farms in the local area.

“Our Veggie Box Program is way more than just a bunch of veggies,” said Kendra Danner from Green Hart Farms. “It’s an opportunity to enjoy some fresh, tasty food while eating local and learning to cook. Plus, we grow some really unique crops here like komatsuna, purple kohlrabi, and baby fennel so our customers get the chance to try new things.”

Veggie Box delivery is available to residents of Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, Baden, New Hamburg, and Cambridge. Customers in near-by areas are welcome to pick up their veggies at the farm so they don’t miss out. Veggie Box contents are expected to include arugula, beans, and tomatoes with the farm typically offering garlic, green onions, spinach, pea shoots, lettuce, and much more. Unlike some other programs, members get to choose the veggies they’d like each week via an online ordering system.

Anyone interested in receiving veggie deliveries this spring can join Green Hart Farms’ launch list via their website www.greenhartfarms.ca. Names added to the launch list will be given the opportunity to register for a Veggie Box Program membership before the offer is made available to the public at the end of January. Deliveries are planned to commence around the middle of May.


Name: Kendra Danner
Email: k@greenhartfarms.ca
Phone: (519)662-3394

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