Pork and Chicken

Our Pork (available Oct-Nov)

Why Our Pork?

Raised Right Here
Our pork is raised right here on the farm . They come to us as weaner pigs, and we raise them until they are almost full grown. Our happy pigs enjoy plenty of space to root and play, lots of fresh air, and a varied diet including vegetables, weeds from the garden, and grain.
Antibiotic Free
Our pork is raised without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics.
Superior Quality
When you fry our bacon, it does not disappear like many other bacons. Our hams are not pumped full of water. We also have some unique products such as smoked pork chops and sausages that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Our Pasture Chicken (available July-Aug)

Why Our Chicken?

Amazing Flavour
Once you have tasted our chicken, no other ordinary chicken will compare in flavour. It really tastes like chicken. Possibly because of their natural diet and lots of sunshine and fresh air.
Antibiotic Free
We do not give our chickens any drugs. No antibiotics. No growth homones.
Raised Right Here
We raise our pasture chickens right here on the farm. For the first few weeks, we keep them indoors where they can stay warm while they develop feathers. Once they have feathers, we move them outside into covered mini yards where they enjoy fresh air, grass, sunshine, and any unfortunate bugs.
GMO Free Diet
Our Pasture chickens are provided with GMO- free feed in addition to the grass and insects they eat.