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We Have A Variety Of Different Products

Pre-made Salad

New for 2018!

This spring and summer we'll be turning some of our vegetables into a variety of mouthwatering, beautiful salads! They'll be available for you to order online and pickup at our farmers markets.

We haven't yet determined which markets for sure. 

But if you join our newsletter group, we'll keep you posted!

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Pasture Chicken

Our chicken is delicious! 

According to one customer,  it lasts much longer in the fridge than chicken from the grocery store.  Others agree that it's got amazing flavour.  Our chickens enjoy lots of fresh air, grass, and bugs in the great outdoors, so that's probably part of it

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We grow almost everything from carrots to tomatoes to basil and cilantro and more.  That's over 60 different varieties of vegetables!  If you don't believe that many veggies exist, then pop by our market stand and see for yourself.  Of course, we won't have all the different varieties at once, so you'll have to visit a few times. . . ( :  Or save yourself the trouble and join our Hartshare veggie box program.

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Our Pork

For all you meat lovers out there. 

Smoked sausage, ham, smoked pork chops, and of course, bacon.  And all the other cuts including ground meat (I guess that's not really a cut, but. . .). 

All from pigs raised on our farm and given lots of room to root (a pig's favourite occupation) , play and generally just be pigs.

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