Our Commitment To Sustainability

Sustainability? What's that!?

It's caring for our resources. So our grandchildren can grow good food, too.

Our Soil

You never realize how complex and alive healthy soil is until you seriously try to grow something (unless you are a soil scientist, of course). From tiny nematodes to even tinier bacteria, everything works together to break down organic matter, process minerals, or make nutrients more available to plants, among many other things. Healthy, vibrant soil makes for strong, healthy, happy plants. Each season we work to improve our soil by rotating crops, using biodegradable mulch to reduce erosion, and adding amendments like composted manure and minerals.

Our Energy

Workload is often not mentioned when people talk about sustainable agriculture. I think that most farmers will agree that efficiency and load leveling are important if a farm is going to continue to operate into the future without burning out its people. That's why we strive to eliminate those midnight finishes and 4:30am starts the next day. We are also constantly seeking more efficient ways to do things. While some tasks absolutely must be done in a certain time frame and when conditions are right (like planting), others can be done anytime. We do repairs and cleaning in the winter so we don't need to do it in the spring. . . . . sometimes ( ;

Our Environment

If you've ever gone jetty jumping at Kingston (watch out for the oily green floating blobs) or seen all of the garbage blown around the dump, you'll know something about pollution. We are very careful to avoid runoff into our water and we send as little as possible to the dump. Whenever possible, we use 100% biodegradeable mulch, instead of the non-biodegradeable mulch that needs to be taken to the landfill.  We also plant trees almost every year to create microclimates and habitats for birds and other wildlife.

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