Trying to eat healthier? Looking for a source of fresh, local, sustainably grown vegetables? Too busy to shop at farmers markets or visit a farm?

Then you've come to the right place!


Our unique veggie box program will have you enjoying a wide variety of fresh, sustainably grown vegetables from right here on our farm. Oh, and you don't need to pick them up. They'll be delivered to your door. Just not with that truck. We promise. (see delivery areas)


If you don't like getting a box of random veggies, no problem! With our super fast and easy online ordering system, you can select the things you want each week with a few clicks of a mouse.

Watch them Grow!

Curious about how it's all grown? We'll show you how we plant, care for, and harvest your veggies through our weekly email blasts.

About Us

We are your friendly farmers

just outside New Hamburg, Ontario.   Early in the spring you may find us digging in the dirt and planting little tiny seeds.  Later, we work on our suntans (or burns) while harvesting a delightful assortment of delicious fresh vegetables. 

You can find our smiling faces  and the fruits of our labor at several local farmers markets- or join our one of a kind veggie box program and have your choice of veggies delivered to your door each week. 

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