Share in Our Harvest! 

We grow fresh, local vegetables, just for you.  We are mindful of our environment  and take care of our soils for the future.  Join our Hartshare CSA members in enjoying our bounty throughout the season.

Join our Hartshare CSA members in enjoying our delicious bounty.

Share in 20 weeks of fresh, local vegetables from our farm.

Here are a few of our benefits


Some CSA's give their members a predetermined box of veggies each week; sometimes you will get your favourite vegetables, and other times ones you dislike or do not know how to use. When you join Hartshare, you choose what goes into your share from our weekly list of available produce. You get what you want.

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Tailored For You

Whether you are feeding a family or are living alone, we have a share size to fit your needs. If you sign up for a medium share at the beginning of the season and find that your share size is too small or too large for you, you are free to upgrade or downgrade to a share that better fits your needs.

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We grow over 30 different varieties of produce, so there is sure to be something to suit your tastes. Each week we strive to have 7 options at the very least to choose from. Generally, we have over 20 products to choose from at the peak of the season, but no one is immune to crop failure. We also source some of the things that we don't grow from other local farmers. This ensures that we provide you with a selection over the whole season.

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When you get your weekly share, there are no long line ups to contend with, no shock at the till, and no attempting to push a cart, buy your groceries, and keep a mischievous child in check . All you have to do, while sitting in the relative peace of your home, is choose the items you want, add them to your cart, and pick them up at a point near you. Or have them delivered

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You Eat Well

By signing up for Hartshare, you commit yourself to eating fresh, local, deliciously good produce. Way better than any diet that demands that you don't eat all the things you like. Almost no one can stand seeing beautiful food go to waste when they've already paid for it, so you are almost bound to eat more good things when you become a member.

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Two Week Free Trial

Still not sure about joining our CSA? Not sure which share size is best for you? Then try it for free for the first two weeks!

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How It Works

Join Us

Become a Hartshare member. Choose a share size, pick up point or delivery, and payment option.

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Choose Your Vegetables

Each week (or every other week for our biweekly shares), login to your account and choose your favorite veggies. From June to October.

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Pick Them Up

Pick up your share at a point near you, or have us deliver it for you.

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