Hartshare Veggie Box FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still get veggies if your crops are wiped out?

Unless there is complete devestation, the answer is yes.  To reduce this risk, we grow in two locations, and we also source from other local farmers.  There won't be the same variety to choose from, but we'll make sure that you get something.

What if I'm not in your delivery area?

If you are not in our delivery area, you are more than welcome to pick up your share at the farm on our pickup day.  If you can't make it to pick up your share, please let us know asap.  We'll keep it for you for up to two days.

What if I go on vacation? Can I skip a week?

Not a problem! You absolutely can skip a week.  Just let us know at least 1 week in advance (or 2, if possible).  We'll make sure that we have a double share for you in the future.  Alternately, you could arrange for a friend to take your veggies for a week.  If your friend is in our delivery area, we could even deliver to their door.  Just contact us ahead of time ( :

How many types of vegetables are there to choose from each week?

Plenty.  Selection will vary throughout the season.  For spring/summer shares, we have spinach, salad mixes, kohlrabi, green onions, baby carrots, baby beets, lettuce, and other greens, supplemented with root and storage vegetables. Later on in July, we'll also have tomatoes, cucs, beans, and other warm weather crops.  For a complete list of what we are growing for out spring shares, click here.  We can not guarantee 100% the availability of particular varieties do to insect problems and inclement weather, but we do our best to ensure that you have  a good selection to choose from each week. In event of crop failure, we do source from other local farms.

Are the prices shown for the whole season?

Yes.  The prices shown for our shares are for 16 wks of fresh, local vegetables. (16 deliveries for weekly shares and 8 deliveries of biweekly)

Delivery to K-W, Cambridge, and Stratford is included in all share prices.  If you live somewhere in between, contact us.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards on our website.  If you prefer, we'll also accept e-transfer and cheque- just contact us before hand.  New for this year, you have the option of paying in full when you sign up, or paying a deposit + 4 installments throughout the season.

When do I get my first share?

For weekly shares, our first delivery is planned for May 20, 2020 and the last delivery will be around the 2nd week of September 2020 (16wks).  Some bi-weekly shares will begin on May 20th, while others will begin on May 27th.  Either way, we'll make sure that you get 8 deliveries of veggies.  If you've chosen a biweekly share and you have a preference, please contact us.

Deliveries are typically on Wednesday afternoons/ evenings.  If your delivery day changes, you'll be the first to know.

What if I'm not home when my share is delivered?

Just leave a cooler (or a rubbermaid tub with ice and a towel) out on your porch/by your door/ etc.  And add a note to your order letting the delivery folks know where it is (there's a box for special notes on the checkout page).   Please note that we cannot be responsible for your share after it is delivered.

Can I change share sizes throughout the season?

Yes, you can. If you find that your share size is to large or small for you, let us know.  We can adjust it to fit your needs.

What happens if I have to drop out halfway through the season?

If possible, let us know at least 2 weeks before hand.  We can give you a refund for the remaining weeks that you have already paid for.

I forgot my password ) : !

No worries.  Everyone forgets from time to time.  Just go to My Account (top right hand corner of site) and click on the 'forgot password' link.

If you forgot your password and username, email us at k (at) greenhartfarms.ca and we'll send you new ones.

Is there a work requirement with being a member?

No. There is no work requirement.

I've filled my 'cart' with veggies for this week and cannot get through the checkout page.  What's wrong?

First, go to your cart and make sure your cart total is equal to or less than your points allowance.  For a small share, your cart total should be equal to or less than 20 points, medium share-equal to or less than 26 points, and large share- equal to or less than 36 points.  If your cart total is too high, remove some items by clicking on the 'x's to the right of your screen.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'proceed to checkout'.  Confirm your order, scroll to the bottom of that page, and click 'place order'.

If this does not work, give us a call at (519)662-3394 or email at k(at)greenhartfarms.ca, or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

I skipped a week and want to do a double order this week.  How do I do this?

It's pretty easy.  Just place two individual orders.  Fill your cart to your points allowance once, go through the checkout and place your order, then repeat for the second order.  Our system won't allow you to use twice as many points in the same order.

Any other questions?  Contact us

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