Some of the benefits our members enjoy

Stay On Budget

With ever fluctuating food prices, it is not easy to stick to a grocery budget. Imagine if you knew how much your vegetables were going to cost for the next 20wks? When you become a Hartshare member sticking to a budget is easy. Whether you are living alone or have a family to feed, we have a share size to fit your needs.

Eat Well

These days it is so easy to skip meals, grab a doughnut and coffee for breakfast, or snack from a vending machine. That New Year's resolution is next to impossible to keep when our busy life styles are paired with easily accessable junk food. When you join Hartshare, you commit to eating well, because almost no one can stand to see delicious local produce go to waste.

Save Time

Nobody ever seems to have enough time. Between work, getting to work, going home from work, studying, extracurricular activities, and other little things we do, our days are full. Who wants to spend time waiting in line at the grocery store, or trying to keep little Johny from getting into trouble while you shop? That is why we have created an online store for our members. All you have to do is choose, click, and pick up. No more waiting in line. Less trying to shop with little Johny

About Us

We are a small farm just outside New Hamburg, Ontario. 

From June to October, we grow a variety of delicious vegetables ranging from the most common to the unexpected.  Our CSA members and farmers market customers enjoy the variety, sometimes commenting that they come by just to see the newest unusual vegetables at our table.

We are mindful of our impact on our environment for the future, and continually care for our soils to keep them as healthy as possible.  We believe. . .read more




Share in Our Harvest. Join our Hartshare CSA for 20 weeks of fresh vegetables.